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Kathleen Earle



I’m so glad you are here because I have a very important message for you…

YOU are infinitely more INTELLIGENT than you’ve been led to believe. If you are ignoring your intuition, doubting your wisdom and allowing external forces to dictate your decisions and steer the course of your Life. Please Stop & Listen….. Mother Earth is CALLING 🌳 YOU to AWAKEN your Natural Intelligence (NI).

What is Natural Intelligence?

Natural Intelligence (NI) is the Language of Life and your inherent ability to grow a fruitful life and a happy, healthy planet.

Who am I?

I am the creator of Natural Intelligence (NI) Meditation, NI Wellbeing and Prosperity Games and a few other creations.

Natural Intelligence (NI) is my muse, my sonar and my legacy, it is the wisdom that flows into form enriching all that I do. My purpose is to share it with YOU.

If you aspire to self artistry, human excellence and planetary wellbeing you are in the right place and I’d be happy to be your guide.

On the horizon…

YOU ARE NATURE Wellbeing App launch Dec 2 and 2023 event info on the way! The perfect gift for yourself, your friends and family.

MEETING OF WORLDS - next virtual event October 23 (invitation only) please reach out if you are keen to learn more.

CUSTODIANS GARDEN 2023 events emerging.

NATURAL INTELLIGENCE ACADEMY virtual home almost ready… application for inaugural NI Coach Certificate opens Oct 8, 2022

HAPPY PLANET TRIBE podcast guest submissions and interns welcome.

Night for TAKAYNA October 2022 Event TIX available Sept 23 in partnership with Bob Brown Foundation.


Kathleen 🙏🏽

I acknowledge, celebrate and walk with the original Custodians of this sacred country and wisdom keepers from all nations as we connect and protect our precious Earth.

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Dearest Kath, Keep, keeping our eyes and mind focused. With thanks for everything.
Anita Roddick, Founder The Body Shop
I’d forgotten the wonder and awe that I felt as a child. I’d buried my hopes and dreams so deep I’d forgotten they were there, till I met you and remembered. With my deep gratitude.
Jennifer Wilson
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